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Our world today is so fast-paced. We drive, we work, we eat, we plan; and we often forget to stop and live in the moments of our day.

Sometimes, we forget how cute our child’s dimples are when they smile at something, and sometimes we forget how stunning our loved ones eyes are. Sometimes, we forget how adorable it looks when we all laugh together, and more often than not, we don’t have a physical reminder of what that looks like.

Photos of those most beautifully simplistic things in our lives can make our hearts swell with glee, our voices fill with laughter, and our minds the undeniable desire to go create more memories with those we love most. A photographer will beautifully capture the truth of those moments, and as for me – I’ll capture your own Radiant Light.

Radiant Light - Waterfall.png


My name is Tammy Hoang, I’m the owner, photographer and graphic designer of Radiant Light. I have been pursuing my love and passion for over ten years!

My focus has always been to capture the beauty of people and the wide range of feelings we have and express. I fell in love with documenting the depth of the emotion two individuals have for each other, because no matter what life throws at you as a couple, that love is what will keep you going strong.

My photos reflect authenticity, attention to detail and the unique and beautiful personalities of everyone I photograph. I love to create photos which are both timeless, romantic, and reflect the joy of life.

As a people-person, I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of wonderful individuals; I value my clients so deeply that I have befriended many along the way! Many of those friends I owe so much gratitude for cheering me on through my personal and professional development; without them and my family, I may not have found the inspiration to build what I have.

I studied photography and graphic design at Georgian College, and have proudly served Barrie, Muskoka and the Greater Toronto Area as a professional photographer for the past ten years. I have done quite a bit of traveling around for my clients, and I love it! Getting to visit new places and do what I love most has been such a rewarding aspect of my career.

Radiant Light - Tammy Hoang.png

Things I Love:
• God

• Community
• Adventure & Travel
  Road Trip, Anyone?
• Graphic Design &
  Photography, Obviously!
• Food & Drinks!
  Mmm… Especially Cultural
  Like Sushi, Mexican, Indian!
• Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!
  … and did I also mention that
  I like coffee??
• Games:
  Dutch Blitz! Mario Party!
• Pretty Stationaries


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