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Dear Family & Friends,

We are delighted to share in our joy with you, this amazingly beautiful and special moment of our lives, the celebration of our love! We’ve created this website as a convenient and interactive way to share all of the important details with you leading up to our wedding day.

Our Story

A walk along the Barrie waterfront boardwalk was the perfect first date, literally being and metaphorically representing the first steps of the journey Tammy and Kyle would walk together.


On that gorgeous day in 2018, Tammy and Kyle got to know one another by sharing their stories while starting a whole new chapter of their own. That day was the beginning of a future, a future they built upon that first date and their certainty in a special connection between them.


That first date led to several others; though each was less of a date and more of an adventure! Their summer bliss was filled with hiking, concerts, road trips and star gazing into crystal clear night-skies on the rocks of Innisfil Beach.


Even though the summertime ended, their bliss did not! Kyle knew there was more in store for them, in fact, he knew from that first date that it was love at first sight. Thus, Tammy and Kyle continued to fuel the spark between them, and not only have fun, but work dedicatedly to build the foundation of their relationship.


During that time, Tammy and Kyle’s romance flourished while they fostered deeper admiration for one another, learned together, and built a friendship and companionship on shared values and beliefs. Both refined and strengthened their mutual respect, humbleness, confidence, prayer and love - much, much love.

"And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity" - Colossians 3:14


Together, they grew, played, and worked, becoming the best of friends and never able to imagine a life without the other. From dating, to a couple, to a team, Tammy and Kyle shared a dream of a future together, one where their team of two becomes more.


On one very special day, after a wonderful meal and several gifts, Kyle got down on one knee and asked Tammy if he could love her for the rest of their lives. His promise was to always continue having and creating fun for them as a couple - and their future family. Bursting into tears of joy, Tammy answered an absolute, unequivocal YES!


Tammy and Kyle are beyond excited to begin their next and most exciting chapter with all their friends and family at The Heights of Horseshoe on September 10th, 2022! They are eagerly anticipating the adventures of the future and what God has in store for them.

Where you go, I'll go. Where you stay, I'll stay - Ruth 1:16


Help us add to our story:

As you know, the bride LOVES pictures! Please help us capture all the wonderful and funny moments throughout the reception and share them with us on social media using our hashtag #thejeansclan. Or better yet, email us your collection of photos to

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